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"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!"

Eczema ... is not my friend!

I've struggled with dry skin my whole life. Then a few years ago I started getting a little eczema on my fingers. I dutifully went to my dermatologist and he gave me a steroid cream and told me to stop washing my hands so much. Only about twice a day! I did what he said and it went away. Yet I was only masking an underlying problem in my body.

Since then, I have come to learn about everything else that is happening within my body (allergies, adrenal fatigue, weak/leaky gut, candida, parasites, etc... the list goes on!). Eczema is one way of our body releasing toxins that are built up inside of our body. So when I was putting a steroid cream on my hands, I was covering up only outside symptoms. Now, my eczema is coming back with a passion! You may not be able to tell by my picture above that we took this morning (you can click on it to enlarge it if you wish), but it wraps it's little red and blistery bumps around my fingers, in the crevice at my thumb, around the bone by my wrist, and yesterday I spotted a couple spots on my wrist. Yes, it is spreading! It came back on my fingers a few months ago and has been spreading ever since. Thankfully, this is still considered a mild case. :-)

After trying just lotion for weeks, I finally gave in and got a steroid cream, while that helped and minimized it, it never went away. As soon as I stop using it, it comes back. Water, scents, and my food allergies really aggravate my condition! I have chosen to stay off the steroid creams! I am a believer in healing things naturally and am not fond of many of the medicinal things that doctors give us. (I'm not opposed to going to doctors for serious illnesses...cancer, diabetes, etc...) I also believe that a lot of the "help" that I have received from conventional doctors has done more to hurt my body then help it. Of course, they always gave me "immediate" relief, for which I was grateful, but the long term affects on my body have been horrible! Again, I'm not bashing all doctors or practices. Our family would not be the same without medicinal care. My Mother specifically.... who has had cancer, diabetes, cushings disease, etc.... We are very grateful for how God has used doctors to help her and heal her!

So, off my soapbox, I have been looking for natural ways to heal my eczema. A friend sent me a link to this blog post yesterday and I was so grateful! It's of a mother with a child who has had eczema for five years (since he was an infant). They also tried creams at first and then realized that they needed to heal him from the inside out. I found her information to be very helpful!

What We Did To Help Our Son's Eczema - Without Drugs


Stephanie said...

I've had excema off and on my whole life. My dad has a severe case and uses steroid creams EVERY day (and has since he was a baby). I always thought that my sisters and I got excema since my dad had it. It was not until the last year that I realized that wasn't the case.

I wish more dermatologists and doctors recognized how the WHOLE body works together, and things like asthma, allergies, excema is usually a sign of something inside the body that needs healing. I am not anti-doctor either, but tend to notice that they just want to treat symptoms instead of finding causes.

Jessica said...

Good for you for going the natural route! It'll pay off as we all know :)

Wendy said...

Sorry to hear about the eczema. A friend from church has a son who suffers with it horribly and she highly recommends cottonseed oil as a bath or soaking treatment. She said it has done more to help her son than anything else.

It's a bit pricy but she swears by it. Here's a link to a place where you can buy it.

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