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"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!"

Date Night!

Hey all!

Well, since I've been SO great at updating recently... (haha... j/k!!!) I thought I'd put up some pictures of Kyle and I's first date night from last night. As many college and seminary students know... most "couple time" is spent studying together, eating together, etc... so when you have time to actually steal away and do a date night... it's pretty special!

Well... to brag on my man for a second... he did an amazing job planning our first official date night!!! He surprised me with the events for the evening. All I knew was to dress warmly because he said we'd be spending some time outside. Well, when he picked me up he said he was taking me to LaGrange which is a small town about twenty minutes from school. I was quite impressed with his plan for the evening!!!

So we spent the evening walking around the town square... taking pictures... and just enjoying each others company. For dinner we ate at a fun new restaurant called the Irish Rover. It was REALLY GOOD!!! I don't think I've ever had Irish food before... but I will definitely be going back! There was a lot of Salmon on the menu, which surprised me. I didn't realize that salmon was so popular in Irish food. I was thrilled though because I love it!!!

Well, here are some pictures from our wonderful night...
While walking around the town, we came to this beautiful church. It's even a Baptist Church too! Haha... I loved Kyle's comment "you know we're seminary students when we're taking pictures of the church!" haha... :-)

Of course, we had to take pictures together in front of the church!!!

Here is where we went for dinner. A nice man took some pictures of us! haha...

The outside of the restaurant...

Us again...
Here's my supper. A mix of potatoes and salmon with steamed veggies. It was AMAZING!!! SOOOOOOO good!

Kyle got the salmon burger which was really good too. On the side was a dill sauce to put on top... excellent!!!!! It was even good on the fries too!!! [btw... notice... the candle light! ;-) ]

After dinner, we walked around the town again, going into whatever shops were open. We found a really fun toy shop that was open. It was really neat being in a small town because everyone knew their customers and enjoyed spending time with them. We also got to go inside a shop called "Christmas in Kentucky." It was really neat! There was also a train track that ran right down main street so we walked down the side walk within a few feet of the train passing through!

Of course, we had to take pictures on the train track...

Mr. Kyle... :-)

One of the highlights of our evening was finding this tree. As we were walking down Main street, looking in the shop windows, there was this tree that had been warmly dressed for the winter outside a shop that sells crocheted and knit items. We both laughed so hard when we saw it!!!

Hahaha... we quickly fell in love with the tree... ;-)

haha... notice the full trash can... totally makes the picture... eh? haha...

once again...

So basically, we had a wonderful night! After leaving LeGrange, the continuation of his plan was to watch a movie together... so out came.... dun ta dun... a Christmas movie.... yea!!! He knows I love Christmas time and Christmas movies so he sweetly treated me to one. Also, after seeing all the Christmas shops in LaGrange we were in the mood for one.
Well... that was our first date night. Props to Kyle and all his planning! He's such a blessing to have in my life!!! Thanks Babe! :-)


Jane said...

Great Pictures!! Ya'll are so cute together!! ;-) I love that tree! all decked out for the cold.
Looks like ya'll had fun and I am glad!
Love you,

Jessica said...

awww.....LOVED the post. I miss you guys!!! I'm sure you missed me too and wanted me there on your first date...haha ;) Kyle did a pretty good job of planning it. Love how happy you two look!!

Elisa said...

I'm so happy for you Michelle! I love looking at all your pictures. Kyle seems like a pretty special guy! ;)Hope I can meet him sometime soon. Love you!

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