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"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!"

the DETAILS...

Hey everyone! I know that ya'll have questions about how Kyle and I ended up together and want the DETAILS... haha... so I figured the best way to answer everyone's comments on facebook was to post a blog for all to see. :-)

Well, after moving up here to Kentucky, I met Kyle through a mutual friend one night when they met up to practice together for my friend to record a CD. She sang and Kyle played guitar, adding in background vocals and harmony. I was instantly intrigued by this young man who seeks to serve others through music! He is also the college worship leader at the church I attend. So every Sunday morning I've been able to see him leading people in worship as he leads them in song. (He does a really good job btw... haha...)

So basically, since that night that we met, we've seen each other at church events and had many opportunities to hang out and also minister together. He and another guy from our college group lead a ministry to the University of Louisville. They go out to the campus every Wednesday night to play volleyball with students and seek for opportunities to witness to them. Kyle invited me to come along and be a female presence there, which I excitedly accepted. The first night I went out there, my eyes were completely opened to the need for a Christian witness on campus. I was so gripped by the need for my peers to hear the gospel of Christ! I've been able to attend U of L with them every week since then and have enjoyed talking with people as well as watching Kyle and the other guys interacting with those whom we come into contact with! God has gifted Kyle with an amazing ability to speak truth to those whom he is talking with... it's amazing to watch God using him!

We've also had the opportunity to host different people over to his apartment for dinner. It's been so much fun preparing for them to come over and cooking together. Kyle has such a humble servant's heart and it shows in so many aspects of his life!

The more Kyle and I hung out together, the more that a mutual interest in the other one began to form. However, even though people began to wonder and question about us being "together"... we desired to keep it on a friendship level for a while. Then a couple weeks ago he approached me and asked if he could begin getting to know me better. This week he talked with my dad and we became an "official" couple. All along we've been wanting to take our friendship slowly, seeking God for direction and leadership. We desire to continue in that manner and look forward to how God will work in our lives and ministry together. :-)

So a little bit about Kyle... he is from Georgia and he graduated from Georgia Southwestern with his bachelors in Business Management. He is now at Southern Seminary working on his masters in ministry. He served as a pastor's intern back home at his church in GA for several years and lead the college ministry, teaching and leading worship. He has a heart to serve in collegiate ministries, which is not only reflected in his leadership back home, but also in his service at Ninth & O (where we go to church) now.

He has a huge passion for music! He writes songs, sings, plays guitar and is a great worship leader! He was in a band back home called Forever Sow which played for various college and youth ministries. He also started his own ministry called The FOUND Project, through which he seeks to encourage others to live as one having been "found" by Christ. This calls us to a higher standard of living as we seek to serve Christ with our lives.

Kyle's heart and desire to serve the Lord with his life is very evident in the way that he lives, serves at church, witnesses to unbelievers, and takes his studies at seminary seriously! He is such a great example to me of someone who has his priorities in life correct. He understands the need to balance personal time with the Lord, studies, and ministry to other people. He's been such an encouragement to me as I've sought to balance all these while in school up here as well!

There is much more that I could say about him, but I hope that this will give everyone a small glimpse into the life of this godly young man I've been privileged to get to know! I respect him very much and his relationship with the Lord. He has been a true gentleman and brother in our friendship and I look forward to see God's work in our lives together.

Love to all from Kentucky!!!


Becky B. glen rose said...

Michelle...i'm soooo excited for you! I KNEW you wouldn't be up there for long before someone snatched you up! :) You sound so happy...and not just cuz of the new relationship. You really seem to have just blossomed and found your purpose and place. I'm so glad you shared. :)

Sarah said...

fun update michelle... he sounds great, but still skeptical that anyone could be good enough for YOU! keep me updated. i have been enjoying your facebook account and blog. i have the computer next to the chair where i usually feed nathan, so i can have time to keep up with everyone.

ruminations of a redhead said...

Musicians are trouble. ;-)

Just kidding, they are a lot of fun, and I know you need someone who will challenge your love for music! :)
So grateful for the way the Lord is growing you and drawing you deeper in relationship with Him, Michelle.
Thanks for sharing! :)

Michelle said...

Thanks girls for your comments on here! It's good to hear from my friends back home! I hope that each of you are doing well! :-)

Kelly Jacoby said...

I saw on Facebook that you changed your profile pic and it made me REALLY curious! After reading your blog, I'm just THRILLED for you! It sounds like Kyle is very God-centered and a wonderful companion in ministry and beyond! I'll be praying for you! Come see me sometime. You know we're adopting 2children and you'll need to get to know them :)
Love, Kelly

Jolie Christine said...

Yay! I love those pictures you posted.. I'm excited for you, Michelle! =) Prayin' for ya!

love from Texas,


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