Psalm 127:3-5

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!"

Christmas Review 2008

Last Thursday night Kyle and I made the 900+ trek from Ft. Worth to Louisville in my little car. We left about 5:40am and got in about 9:15pm. It was a long day but SO worth the trip. For Christmas this year we decided to visit both of our families. The week before Christmas, up through Christmas day, we spent in Georgia with Kyle's parents. Then, the day after Christmas we drove to Ft. Worth and spent the next two weeks with my parents. Originally, it was only going to be for a week, but Kyle got sick with a really bad case of strep throat and so we spent three of our days going back and forth to the doctors, getting blood tested, and shots. We decided to extend our stay so that he could get to feeling better before hitting the road again.

We had a WONDERFUL time with both of our families!!! Here are a few picture highlights from our trip.
Christmas with the Rolands

Kyle and I's amazing "welcome" boxes that Mrs. Kay had made for us.

Kyle and I with his parents on Christmas morning.

After opening our gifts.

Kyle and his Momma, Mrs. Kay.
My sweet boy-friend and I.

Taking a ride with Kyle's Daddy, Mr. Chris, on his bike.

Mrs. Kay and I enjoyed doing a lot of cooking together. We had a great time!
More cooking...

Kyle and his Daddy, Mr. Chris.

Kyle and I having fun...
Double date...
Don't forget dessert!!!


Christmas with the Olivers
Cute "his and her" matching stockings... haha... my mom was so sweet to think of that!

Kyle opening his gifts.

My new sheets!

The Oliver gals making dinner.

Mom and Lisa deciding what to put on our homemade pizzas... yum!!!!!!!!
Michael playing with baby Jordan.

My parents, Jane and Joe. They are wonderful beyond measure!!!

Kyle and Baby Jordan... I LOVE this picture!!!

Michael, Jordan, and Lisa. My amazing brother and sister-in-law... what would I do without them?

The little boys... Logan and Keagan... I love them SO much!!! They're my sweet and precious little nephews!

We spent an afternoon with my grandparents. They took us to Cracker Barrel for lunch.

My parents took us to the Omni Theater one day... we had a great time! We saw the Polar Express.
My good friend Jessica, and her husband Mark, came with us too. We also went to Fuzy's Tacos before the movie... fun memories!!!


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