Psalm 127:3-5

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!"

We're Pregnant!!!

So on Monday of this week I posted a comment on my facebook that I was really craving eggs cooked in butter. Although I had already eaten eggs for  breakfast that morning, I wanted more! Well, later that evening, I smiled and kinda laughed when I saw how many "pregnancy" type replies I got on that comment, thinking "I wish I was pregnant!" but we really didn't think we were this month. However, I started doing the math and thinking through some things and realized that there could be a possibility that we actually were pregnant. So on Tuesday, March 23, I broke out a pregnancy test early that morning and Kyle and I were elated to see that it was indeed positive! We are SO happy and excited! It was an interesting mix of emotions because we were so excited yet so humbled and amazed at God's grace to us that He would deem us ready to be parents. We had been trying for a short while to get pregnant and yet had not been able to, so I had already given up this month on being pregnant. Isn't that interesting that sometimes God brings these blessings when we least expect them?!?!

I don't think I've ever seen Kyle smile so much or be so excited as he was when we saw that pregnancy test! We were both like little kids jumping in the bathroom, hugging, kissing, and smiling (and I was crying), when we found out!

So... on Tuesday, when we took the test we were exactly 5 weeks along and our Baby Roland is due November 23, 2010. This also happens to be my Dad's birthday, which is very fun, and Kyle's birthday is November 6th... so our little Baby Boo will be right there in the mix!

On Tuesday I had some nausea off and on all day but it was relieved by me sitting down. Wednesday wasn't too bad either but still kinda the same. However, Wednesday night I work up at 1:15am starving! I grabbed some corn chips... didn't help, so I went back to the kitchen and grabbed some boiled chicken. From then on I was awake for over an hour, then off and on, until my alarm went off at 5:30! I had felt nauseous when I laid on my stomach but since I have always been a tummy sleeper, I couldn't get comfortable on my back or side.
(I can already see this is going to be a problem later on too!) Yesterday morning I woke up exhausted and feeling really sick! I called and asked if I could nanny from my home instead of going to the families home and the mother graciously brought her baby to me. However, after the baby arrived and Kyle had left for work, the throwing up started. I couldn't seem to keep anything down all morning and by mid-morning I was calling Kyle at work for help! He graciously came home and brought me some bread and stuff to drink.

I seemed to keep down a piece of bread that afternoon but when I got up off the couch about 3:45 and went to the bathroom, I quickly passed out on the toilet and Kyle came running in to find me white as a sheet. After I woke up I quickly crawled to the toilet and lost, yet again, everything in my stomach. I had absolutely no energy and we realized that I was getting dehydrated. Kyle decided to take me on into the hospital as I continued to throw up profusely. I began to fear that my next three or four months were going to look like this.

After close to four hours of waiting to see the doctor we were finally taken back and made ready. After running an EKG on my heart and a Sonogram on the baby, the doctor said that everything looked fine and that he felt I was too sick for it to just be pregnancy, this early on. He felt that I had some form of stomach bug on top of my pregnancy hormones and nausea because I was running a low (99.4) fever, and a little diarrhea. He then offered this encouraging statement: "If this is all pregnancy, you're gonna have a really hard time as your hormones increase!" Thanks Doc! haha... He proceeded to give me some liquids and Zofran to help me feel better then released me around mid-night. So I have great hopes that my "normal pregnancy nausea" will not be nearly as bad as yesterday! We'll be praying to this end at least.

Since my doctor's office does not do sonograms until you are about 18-20 weeks along, I was excited to see a sonogram last night of our baby, although all the doctor could see was the little sack it was in, seeing as our baby is now the size of an apple seed! Can you believe something that small can make someone that sick? Good grief! haha...

Well, here is a picture of my 1st baby sonogram last night. It looks kinda like my tummy is poking up, but that is actually my rib cage and my tummy is sunken beneath that since I'd been throwing up so much! :-( So there is definitely NO baby bump yet... hopefully in another couple of months though!

Praise the Lord that a healthy Mommy and Baby could go home from the hospital last night!


Wendy said...

Heartiest congrats to you and Kyle, Michelle. I am praying the nausea, vomiting and all else eases and very soon....

Michelle said...

Thank you so much Wendy! We definitely appreciate your prayers for me and the baby. I'm hopeful that I will not stay this sick!

Teresa said...

It is going to be a beautiful journey! So happy for you :)
Aunt Teresa

Anonymous said...

Hey Michelle. Here is some encouragement...When I was newly pregnant with Justin (about 6 weeks) I too got at stomach bug. It was AWFUL! I couldn't even make Peter's lunch without gagging. I thought to myself "If this is the next three months I am in serious trouble!" BUT it turned out to be only a stomach bug and when it passed, I felt only mildly queazy for the rest of the trimester. I pray that is your case too! However the Lord's grace is sufficient and it is all worth it to see that little face!! :)


Jessica said...

Ohmygosh! exciting!

Mama said...

Michelle and Kyle I am so happy for ya'll. I wish we were close so we could shop, plan all be excited together. Ya'll are going to make wonderful parents.
Michelle, before Kyle was born I wanted to sleep on my stomach so you'll survive.
I pray God will bless you with a strong healthy baby..just what I've been praying for.
We love ya'll
Mama and Daddy!!!

Michelle said...

Mama, we will definitely have to plan a shopping trip this summer as we get closer to our due date and once we know what they baby is! That would be so much fun!!!

travelingstacey said...

Sorry to hear that you're sick! I had a lot of nausea the first 3-4 mos. with both of mine, but the second time around I figured out that frequent, small meals helped a lot! I felt the worst when I was really hungry, so that kept the nausea and hunger down. Someone told me that ginger helped with nausea, so I would always keep ginger ale on hand those first few months. I'm not sure if it really helped or it was just mental : ). Another lifesaver was a body pillow. If you don't have one, it really comes in handy those last months. Congratulations! You'll really enjoy that second trimester and onto the third when you can really see/feel the baby. It's awesome! I'm so excited for you guys!

Amy Bowman said...

That is so very exciting, made me get teary reading your excitement.

I pray you are feeling better!!

Michelle said...

Stacey, a body pillow sounds like a great idea! I'll have to keep that in mind for when I get bigger. Every night I seem to have to find a new position. Some nights on my back, some on my side, some with my feet propped up over poor Kyle. (He's a real trooper! haha) Most nights I'm sleeping well, but there are definitely nights like last night when I feel like I hardly slept. I guess it's preparing me for the baby!

Amy, your comment is so sweet! Thank you! We are very excited for the baby and appreciate your prayers for a healthy pregnancy and Baby Roland! :-)

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