Psalm 127:3-5

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!"

Week 39 - Baby Girl Roland

So, as I sit here writing, my little baby ticker at the top of the page says we have 4 days left until our due date. I'll have to be honest, I didn't think I was going to last this long here recently. However, the Lord knows best and our little bundle of pink joy is taking her time before entering our world. I am grateful though that she is getting this extra time because I know she will be better developed, hopefully a better eater, better sleeper, etc... So it's worth her taking her time since it helps once she is out. 

I have been warned by a number of friends to not expect her to come early, but to plan for her to come late, and then if she arrives early, it's a surprise and exciting. Well... I sadly fell into the trap of hoping for an early baby and I sure have paid for it! These last two weeks have been so hard waiting... and waiting... and waiting... and I know it could still be two more weeks! Last night I finally cracked and had a huge emotional pity-party and breakdown... full of frustration, impatience, and questioning God's timing for my baby to come. As I laid in my bed crying, I remembered that I have to trust God and asked again for patience to wait for our little girl. God is the One who breathed life into this precious child and He is the One who has ordained her days and the timing of her birth. Who am I to question that? This child is the Lord's, not mine. Even in child birthing, I have to relinquish my feeling of "rights" to have her come at a certain time and rest in the Lord to bring about that timing. Thankfully, God's grace is sufficient and He continues to prove Himself faithful, even in the little things! I am so thankful that I can entrust our baby girl to Him! 

So, as we quickly approach our due date on this coming Tuesday, November 23rd, we look forward with excitement to meeting our daughter, whenever that may be. Not much is changing as far as progression, so we continue to wait for her to progress. :-)

How far along: 39 Weeks

Baby Size: Approx. 7 pounds!

Dilated: 1 cm

Effaced: 70%

Station: 0

Mucus Plug: Lost!

Bloody Show: Not yet.

Baby Movements: She continues to be an active mover late at night. I can't wait to see her active in person! As I feel her little bum hunch up on one side of my tummy, or feel her knee sticking out of my belly, or her hands moving, I wonder what she will look like doing that when I can see those movements with my eyes.

Food Cravings: Sweet things

Sleep: I have had a few great nights where I only get up once or twice and sleep for many hours... and then other nights, similar to last night, when I'm up 5 times making trips to the bathroom and tossing and turning throughout the night. However, I think my body has gotten fairly used to being awake off and on and I've gotten better about falling back to sleep. Praise the Lord!

Symptoms: New this past week is lower back pressure and soreness. Yay! One step closer! One day I had over 4 hours of braxton hicks contractions and I thought it might possibly be the beginnings of early labor, but is suddenly just stopped. Then I went a couple days without hardly any contractions at all. 

What I'm looking forward to: Need I say?? :-)


Jessica said...

Ahhhh!!! You're getting so close girl! You're doing awesome and I'll be praying for you as you near your due date. Love ya!

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