Psalm 127:3-5

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior are the children of one's youth. Blessed is the man who fills his quiver with them!"

I'm getting excited!!!

Seeing the pictures that Tim Challies is uploading everyday on his blog from the Together for the Gospel conference that is going on this week, only makes me even more excited about going to New Attitude next month. All the rich teaching that we will receive from godly leaders, all the great worship we will experience as hundreds of people pour out their hearts before the Lord, and all the meaningful fellowship we will have with new and old friends. (And don't forget all the new books and CDs that we'll be itching to buy...) Oh, I can't wait! What a blessed time it will be!!!

But... back to T4G. I get so excited when I see these great teachers of our day who are taking weeks and months out of their year to spend teaching others from their generation, and especially from my generation, the truths that God has revealed to them from His word. When I see the thousands of people who flock to these conferences (i.e. T4G, New Attitude, Worship God, Shepherd's Conference, NANC, etc...) to be fed the Word of God and who are grasping for a fuller understanding of who God is, I get so excited and yet become so humbled at the idea of how much teaching we have at our finger tips, yet how shallow so many Christians are today. This is a reminder to myself to not get so caught up in all the elaborate conferences, music, and teaching, that I lose sight of the One whom I am seeking to know more deeply. Our souls are yearning for more knowledge of our beautiful Savior and they will not be satisfied by the sometimes superficial feelings of spiritual depth that we feel which can be aroused by the attractions that these conferences yield. However, if we channel this excitement at each event so that it spurs us on in our pursuit of Christ and Him alone, then may God receive all the glory!!! For He is the one who has laid it on the hearts of these speakers to teach us and He desires that we receive enjoyment as we fellowship together while gazing intently at the Cross.

I hope that as we, those of us who are able to, attend these conferences, our minds will be fixed on Christ, His cross, and the price that He paid for us, and that all these other exciting aspects will pale in comparison to our understanding that our deepest need and source of joy is rooted in the cross of Christ.

Update: CJ Mahaney offers a few reasons why singles and young marrieds should attend NA. Check out his blog.


Mother said...

I wish I could hide in your suitcase and go with you!! Sounds like fun!! I know that with all this new tecknowledgy that I will see comments on your blogspot.
Love you , Mother

Michelle said...

Hey Mom!
Thanks for the comment! Isn't this fun? Yes, all this cool technology allows us to go places, see and hear things that would otherwise be foreign to us.

Hope you have a good afternoon and I'll see you tomorrow night!

Love ya!

Solange said...

Hi Michelle
Can I hide in your suitcase as well? I am glad you are going!! Sounds like your mom is so sweet and a lot of fun. I would like to meet her sometime. God Bless you!!

Jessica said...

Are you taking a big suitcase?? I'm sure I'd just take up a teeny weeny corner...;) haha....I'm so excited for you!! I wish I was going!! I remembering when I went to Passion how awesome it was and how it deepened my relationship with God. We all need that charge, that encouragement, that reminder of what/Who is really important.

Definitely take lots of pictures and get some cds and books that once your done reading/listening to them, that I can borrow! :)

Love ya lots girl!

Michelle said...

Alright ladies... I think you should all just come with me!!! :-) I can get a big army bag... one for each of you... I'm sure security at the airport will never notice!!! haha...

Thanks for ya'll's encouragement though! I think the time at NA will really be a blessing and I can't wait to be there! I hope that the Lord really does a work in my heart, as well as the many other singles/young marrieds too. They should be uploading the sessions online after the conference, so ya'll can listen to those and still hear everything I will be hearing! :-)

That's one more thing I love about SG; they upload all these messages for free. You can tell that their heart is to really serve others and not just make money. How special that is for us who cannot afford to go to five different conferences a year... but can download each session!

Michelle said...

Oh... and Solange, my Mom is VERY sweet! She is such an encouragement to me! She always stands behind me and prays for me as I galavant across America to different conferences and events. I'm her crazy wild daughter... haha... but... somehow, I think I remind her a little of herself! ;-) She was single for most of her twenties and loved to travel... no wonder I always love to be on the go! :-)

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