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Back to the Basics - 2

While doing a little more research on meal planning during the wee hours this morning.. thanks to being pregnant... I came across a few more helpful links that I wanted to add to yesterday's post.

Stephanie over at KeeperoftheHome has totally inspired me! Here are some posts she has done:

Favorite Recipe Lists

21 Meals

Creating a Homemaking Binder

I spent many hours today pulling together our "21 Meals," a month's worth of menus, and I'm almost completed with our grocery lists for the month. I have one list for meat that I will buy at the beginning of the month (and also grains), and then four weekly grocery lists that will be for the veggies and fruit corresponding to that week's menu. I am so excited to see how the month of August works for us. As I mentioned yesterday, we are paid at the beginning of every month, so I believe this system will work beautifully for us!

I have kept my menu planning simple since I'm pregnant and our life is about to get busy as the school semester starts back up. (My husband is in seminary and I am actually hoping to take a class as well this fall.) In order to cut costs, I have one night a week set aside as breakfast foods (eggs, pancakes, etc...), one night a week as soups (mainly vegetarian), and one night as "fun foods" like homemade pizza, spaghetti, burgers, etc... This will allow us to have healthy homemade "comfort foods" as well as keep the budget smaller.

My husband offered to laminate my monthly meal plan for our fridge. It will be perfect because I can use a dry erase marker on it if I need to make any changes or keep track of where I am. Yay!

Enjoy working on your own menu planning!


Courtney said...

Thanks for your honesty and transparency with your budgeting and meal planning. I am a seminary wife as well and know how difficult it can be on the budget to eat good, wholesome food. My husband and I are new to the journey and would love to pick your brain on how you and Kyle have made this work on a smaller income (and with a baby coming!). Thanks for all of the resources - it looks like you and I are reading the same blogs! haha! blessings on your meal planning. ~Courtney
also! i saw that you said you are part of a buying club, what is it and where did you learn about it? i would love to find one!

Michelle said...


Thank you for your comment! Cooking real food on a budget is not necessarily easy, but it's worth the effort to make it happen. :-) I'd love to chat more with you on it.

Here's my e-mail address if you want to contact me that way:

Talk to you soon!

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